Website visitor Shelly wrote me asking if I could identify these players on Toots Shor's team. I couldn't identify anyone that she hadn't already. Numbers 2,7 and 9 are unknown. I thought the guy standing with glasses could be Sammy Cahn (but I thought he was taller than that). The rest are listed below. If you recognize the unidentified ones, please email me.
I guess this confirms that Rocky Marciano and Rocky Graziano were NOT the same person.

Help... Above is a photo taken late 40's early 50's of a baseball team sponsored by TOOTS SHOR. Starting with the top row, left person will be # 1. Starting with the bottom row, left person will be # 11. Who are these guys?
1 - Rocky Graziano
2 - Nat Fleischer (Ring Magazine)?
3 - Rod Steiger
4 - Joe Louis
5 - Toots Shor
6 - Rock Marciano
7 - Peter Donald?
8 - Sid Caesar ??
9 - Frank Morgan?
10 - Willie Pep ??
11 - Frank Sinatra
12 - Alan Dale (Ricardo Montalban?)
13 - Ernie Kovaks
14 - Phil Silvers
Do you agree or not? Please look very closely!

Update: Steve writes " The photo was taken in 1948 in Central Park.
The gentleman who was the 2nd from the left was Nat Fletcher who was the owner/publisher of "Ring Magazine"

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