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I was fortunate enough to get an invite to attend the 102nd birthday celebration of iconic composer, Bernie Berman, whose star-studded gathering was held at The Knickerbocker Bar & Grill in Greenwich Village, New York. Bernie performed his original compositions on piano with new lyrics he'd written just for the occassion. There were a stream of singers and musicians paying tribute to Bernie and his numerous compositions Bernie Bierman CD Babyas Bernie sat at the front table and soaked it all in. I had a particularly wonderful time this year because we were seated between Don Dellair, a singer and manager/friend of The Incomparable Hildegarde, and walking encyclopedia of information about the performers this website is dedicated to ... and Acadamy Award winner Celeste Holm, who when introduced, inspiried a roar from the crowd in attendance (as she does every year). And only a few seats behind us was cabaret icon, Julie Wilson, who was looking great and couldn't be more polite.

Well, it went on to be a fantastic evening of entertainment and fun ... and if Bernie keeps going like this, I'm going to have to invest in a decent camera with a better zoom that can take pictures in the dark. Here's the shots I got and I'm hoping I have all the performers in attendence listed. As I've said in the past, singers make a lot of scrunchy faces when they sing, so if I didn't get a favorable shot of them, I leave them out. If you have a better shot from the event that you would like to submit, feel free to send it to me.


Bernie in the military
Some fellow standing guard
don dellair
Don Dellair and Pat
Julie Wilson
Julie Wilson and friend
Celeste Holm and Laura Zavetz
Craig Zavetz, cute kid and Don Dellair
Promoter Donald Schaffer
Don Dellair
Don Dellair hosting

gal #1

Ellen Gould

Joe Bachana
Frank Basile
Frank Basile

Cynthia Crane

Marieanne Meringolo
KT Sullivan
Pianist, Alex Rybeck and KT Sullivan

guy #2
Michelle Pirrett
Michele Pirrett
Bernie's Cake
Bernie's cake
Bernie and friend
Bernie and friend
Bernie Bierman CD Baby
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