The Exceptions

::: 1980's New Wave New Jersey Cover Band, The Exceptions! :::

Close Encounters, The Goose and The Gander, Motionz, Tod's, Birch Hill, Chatterbox, Baby-O's, Headliner, Dutch Mill Inn, The Union Jack, Firehouse, Governors, Royal Manor, Joe Pops, Fountain Casino, Golden Spike, Emmetts, Second Half, Stockhouse, Main Event, Tin Lizzy, Club Spanky, Schoolhouse, Ledge, Lighthouse, Xanadu, Shipwheel, Foxes, Creations, Ohara's Pub, Derby II, Arrow Lounge, Razberries, Jimmy Byrne's, Century Inn, Celtic Inn, Tradewinds, Paramount, Tattoos, Monroe Manor, Rusty Screw, Sensations, Soap Factory, Skylab, L'Amour

Neal (Rose) Rosendorf ::: Vocals
Bart Bucsko ::: Lead Guitar
Craig Zavetz ::: Bass
Tony Mendel ::: Keyboards, Guitar
Bob Torres ::: Drums

The Exceptions

May, 1982 performance of The Exceptions at Close Encounters Nightclub in 13 installments because of YouTube's 10 minute maximum


Shake it Up / I'm The Man (part 1)


Jenny Jenny / I Fought The Law / I Will Follow (part 2)


Telecommunication / Pump it Up / Working in a Coal Mine (part 3)


I Got Your Number / Someday Someway / Rockabilly Boogie (part 4)


Do You Wanna Dance / Rock & Roll Radio / Hard Act To Follow (part 5)


She's My Little Rock & Roll / You Really Got Me / Tony's Birthday (part 6)


Think It Over / Rock Lobster (part 7)


Pretty Woman / Mony Mony / Hang Fire (part 8)


Tonight I'm Yours / Roll Over Beethoven / Jerkin' Back & Forth (part 9)


The Girl You Want / All Day and All of the Night / Talk to Ya' Later (part 10)


Sheena is A Punk Rocker (part 11)


Tainted Love / Mailing List Jingle (part 12)


What I Like About You (part 13)


Dance Dance Dance / Young Turks (part 14)


God Save The Queen / Start Me Up / Time is on My Side (part 15)


Let' s Spend the Night Together / Dancin' with Myself / Lawnchairs (part 16)


Don't You Want Me Baby / Brand New Cadillac / Enola Gay (part 17)


The Breakup Song / Oh Boy / Satisfaction (part 18)


April, 1982 performance of The Exceptions at The Goose and The Gander Nightclub in Greenbrook, New Jersey


Enola Gay (part 9)

The eceptions reunion
photos courtesy of Donna, Ken, Carol and Alysa

The Exceptions! 30th-ish Year Reunion was held at at Rythms of the Night in Manville, New Jersey on September 26, 2009. Drummer Bob flew in from Germany and lead singer Neal arrived from New Mexico. Neal had laryngitis the night of the show but persevered to help deliver a hecka slammin’ evening.