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Sinatra Club Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack & The Golden Age of American Entertainment
• It's the Campaign for Real Music at Radiocafe
• Online saxophone lessons for beginners, with a jazz approach
• Resources for fifties and sixties music on the web at Oldies at About.com
• Comedian Jack Swersie performed with loads of famous entertainers and writes about them in his Celebrity Journal
Custom Records Vinyl Mastering offers custom made one-off 33/45/78 rpm jukebox phonograph records, LP albums, jukebox parts and party invitation records
• Singers, sonwriters and shows are featured at American Popular Song
• For information on "The Dean" visit The Dean Martin Fan Center and here for an interesting encounter with Dean
• Vintage Music: Nostalgia, Jazz, Swing and Big Band CDs by Past Perfect
• The NBEA lists ballrooms and current big bands.
• Scotland's Glasgow Empire Theatre presented the great stars of the day
• For the essential guide to retro culture with music reviews, band listings and radio shows, all in a great design, visit Atomic and their newest site RetroRadar
• Lots of information from the society that appreciates singer Vaughn Monroe
• Read about singer Vic Damone at his official site.
• Frank E. Dee's got a lively site dedicated to performers of the past at Golden Music Memories
• Visit this huge resource about the JazzSingers
• Search engine for music at Oldies
• Jazz profiles at Jazzsight including huge bios of Glenn Miller and Gene Krupa
• The Sentimental Journey Orchestra's website
• From Ohio is the Tom Daugherty Orchestra
• Capturing that unusual Sinatra timbre is singer/bandleader Tom Smith
• News, biographies, autographs and tons more at the Big Band Library
• Official site for Benny Goodman's big band singer Martha Tilton
The Judy Room celebrates the life and career of Judy Garland
• A crush of information on legendary performer Peggy Lee
• The popular Frank Sinatra Impersonator with an authentic Frank Sinatra Lookalike and Soundalike Tribute.
• A bad experience for singer Jerry Vale
• All you could hope to ask about the greatest performer between Jolson and Sinatra. Huge resource of information about Bing Crosby including interviews with his first brood of offsprings. Only one of four are still alive today, two by suicide.
• Songwriter Jack Lawrence is alive and well and on the web.

j u s t   f o r   f u n

• A great retro site is Greg Knight's Patio Culture.
• Everything's Retro at the Retro Link Directory
Popina Swim & Sport - retro swimwear designed to flatter
• Exceptionally entertaining site with lists of your favorite shows and cartoons from decades ago including audio clips of theme songs. TVParty This site also addresses what was wrong with the doll from "The Island of Misfit Toys"– absolutely nothing.
• Database of famous films at Reel Classics
• Very interesting internet archive the WayBack Machine lets you revisit your favorite sights the way they looked years ago.
The DuMont Television Network which is now mostly remembered for bringing us "The Honeymooners."
• Broadcasting from New York City, the Rock and Roll AM radio station that mattered the most 77 WABC with sound clips and interviews with its famous disc jockeys including accompanying commercials from that era.
• Huge database of WWII information
• Where have all the moviestars gone? Find A Grave The final resting place.
Why is the Eiffel Tower leaning? Why was the Yo-Yo invented? The Straight Dope gives you the lowdown.
• Wanna "improve your table manners" or "convert to Buddhism?" Find out the steps you need to take at SoYouWanna.com
• Save the 1964 World's Fair New York Pavillion! Great Information but I'm not certain if this is a live site.
• Looking to pass the time? Visit Bravenet's collection of guestbooks which can lead you to all sorts of sites you wouldn't otherwise seek out.
Infoplease is an online almanac.
• While your family or co-workers fumble for the book, you can bookmark this site for quick access to an online dictionary and thesaurus.
• Everybody's an expert at this site AllExperts
• Here's where you can buy some old time radio replicas
• Here's an addicting little game you might not thank me for directing you to bounceout
• Nightclub with a site that's fun to look at ClubVelvet
• Informative site explains in detail How Stuff Works
• California's famous C-Sprites have their own fansite

we b   d e s i g n

• This isn't in English but I saw the word FREE on it. Beautiful sight with intriguing textures and backgrounds available at CafeBlu
• The largest digital collection of authentic b&w ad cuts from the '40s & '50s at Retro Ad Art
• Authentic advertising artwork from the '40s & '50s at Retro Clip Art
• Tips and examples for web construction whimsically written at HTML Goodies
• Amazing sight teaches Photoshop through tutorials and animated examples Teamphotoshop
• Learn CSS at this free online school. It will even quiz you for answers.
• Find out if your site is in the search engines by typing in your web address at Site Solutions
• I'm not sure how many sites are turned down for this award but the top entries – many in Flash format – are on display at Goldenweb
• More Flash designed sites from all over the world at cool.web.design
• Useful website suggests color combinations for web construction
• Here's a site with free background images for your site. And another.
• Compare screen fonts at Typetester
• Great design resource with online training and forums at Lynda.com
• Download the latest software and updates at Versiontracker.com
• Check the speed of your internet connection with this Speedometer